Monday, June 7, 2010

A Busy Week-end

I had a very busy week-end.  On Saturday, I went to the Quilters' Unlimited Conference.  Actually these are code words for:  BUY MORE FABRICS AND PATTERNS, and that is exactly what I did. Then, on Sunday, I went to Joann Fabrics to use the 50% off coupons that were  burning a hole in my pocket. I had only one disappointment.  The fabric that looked red at the store looks like burnt orange at home.  Oh well, I have one more 50% off coupon. Guess where I am going his morning!

I'm posting only some of my purchases. Will add more later.

Charisma, by Chez Moi for Moda-quilted fabric,with contrasting fabric for pockets.

Bought 2 charm packs of BOUTIQUE, for the Quilt  A-Long.

5 yards = 1 twin size quilt
Ready for Christmas 20?????????

 Too much flash on the second photo- colors are red.

Pinks, browns and greens- have no idea what I'll do with these.

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