Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Frustrated!!!!!! why you ask?    I joined Aunt Pitty-Pat's Halloween block swap. (Thanks Aunt Pitty-Pat for organizing this swap.) The RULES" said- please have all blocks in by Aug. 20th.  Since I knew when I signed up that I was going on vacation from Aug. 13-20th, I started immediately; my blocks were completed and in the mail the first week of August;  and just as I expected, nearly half of the participants have NOT sent in their blocks.  I think we had at least 3 months to make 13
blocks.  On averaage that would be 1 block a week. I guess I must be "old fashioned". A due date is a due date, be it for bill paying, or handing in a research paper and/or a a report at work. Now that I have this off my chest... I think if you sign up for a swap, no matter what it is, and you do not adhere to the timeline, you should not be invited to be a participant in another swap being held by the same organizer. I now wonder if I will have enough time tocomplete a Halloween quilt.

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  1. I hate it when someone makes a commitment and doesn't follow through. I agree with...a due date is a due date, an appointment is an appointment. I hope you get that Halloween quilt done because it is one of the most funnest times.