Friday, July 2, 2010

Slow but Steady

A little bit to cut off at the end.

The summer cold I have is almost gone.  It slowed  my progress.  Hopefully I'll get caught up today.  Last night, I worked on piecing the 3 1/2 in pieces together.  Boy was I LUCKY!!!!  It matched up with only  about a1/4th of an inch that will  need to be cut off.  I did it the Polish way.  I can hear you saying, "What technique is this?"  The Polish way is: piece a few of the strips, place it along the edge of the quilt top ; add a few more pieces, (these are not sewn together , yet)  Continue  in this manner until you get to the end of the quilt top. Now, if you have too much at the end, adjust the strips prior to sewing  - sew a few strips with a wider seam allowance;  if your strip doesn't quite reach the end, sew the seams a bit smaller.  I didn't need to do either. Lucky me.

Not bad for my first attempt at quilting!
Off to to Jo-Ann's to pick up some  fabic to make slipcovers for  my outdoor patio furniture cushions, and  some for my daughter's cushions, as well. Her covers will be a Christmas gift.  I'll post fabric choices later.

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