Sunday, July 4, 2010

Time to set  July/August Priorities and Goals for The Charming Girls Quilt Club
Spend time with 2 friends I haven't seen in a while.

Take a day to sew with  2 friends.
Go the see the movie SALT with hubby. He should be on the escalator with Angelina Jolie, that is if he didn't end up on the cutting room floor.
Weather permitting, spend 3 hour per week by the pool.Additional pool time on  Sundays, with my daughter, if she's in town.

Read a book written by Jodi Piccoult.
Super clean the family room.
Embroider a wedding banner for my nephew's wedding: With this ring...

I learned the hard way to take care of myself.  At the age of 50 I had a heart attack, and then quadruple by-pass surgery.  Ladies, in another posting I describe the symptoms of a heart-attack. They are NOT anything like what you think they would be.


  1. Good luck with all your goals! They sound fantastic, and good to see some of them involve relaxing! :)

  2. What wonderful goals you have Cheryl! I can't wait to read more about all of the fun things you're doing - oh, and to see SALT so I can see your hubby (smile)! Thanks also for sharing about our theme this month - great reminder that we really must take the self-care more seriously!

  3. When you have time I would like to hear about the symptoms of your heart attack. Oh and I plan to see the movie SALT so now I'll tell my hubby and we'll both be looking for your hubby. :-)

  4. I like your goals...I think I will add pool time to my list! Which book did you read? I just finished a wonderful book by Kristen Hannah, Firefly Lane. And how was Salt?